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Bone Conduction Technology

Our technology removes your ear from hearing. By using vibrations we are able to conduct sound off of your cheekbones and deliver it straight to your inner ear.


AfterShokz headphones are a radical improvement to a pre-exisiting technology. We can’t say that we invented bone conduction. As some of you know, even Beethoven used bone conduction to better his life. However, Beethoven couldn’t make it to our writers meeting, so he can take a step to the side for now.

Most of us use our ears the same way, to hear. However, a common misconception is that our ears are the only instruments we possess that allows us to hear. Well you aren’t entirely incorrect, but there is another method of listening that you might be picking up on by now. You said it: Bone conduction.

Beethoven, was a reveled musician at the height of his career, when suddenly, he began to grow deaf. Eager to regain his wits at the piano bench, Lugwig van Beethoven searched for solutions to his unfortunate condition. At the time, a common practice was the use of an ear horn. Ear horns were archaic creations useful only to create louder sounds which someone with hearing loss would point directly into their ear canal.

Beethoven was not strictly convinced, as he used multiple hearing aids to benefit his loss. Most notably was his steel rod construction. The device was made up of a steel rod and some clamps that fixed one end to the piano. Ludwig would then bite the other end as he played. The music escaped the piano creating vibrations which travelled up Beethoven’s steel rod. When they struck his mouth, the noise would escaped the rod and play off his teeth, continuing to his inner ear. This hearing aid was perhaps the first documented result of bone conduction.


We have taken Beethoven’s steel rod to a whole other level. Granted, steel isn’t very forgiving in today’s world. It’s heavy, bulky, not to mention that nobody carries a piano in their pockets. We have redesigned the idea into something more fitting for you, light-weight affordable headsets that are perfect everyone.


So how do our headsets work?

We use a pair of transducers to power your music into your head. With one transducer resting on each side of your head we create vibrations that pass sound off of the surface of your face. This contact point allows our headphones to conduct sound onto the bones of your head. These vibrations send sound all the way from your cheek bones to your inner ear, allowing sound to reach the cochlea without even using your ear drum. It’s fascinating!