AfterShokz Sportz 2

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This open ear headphone is perfect for all athletes alike. The Sportz 2 open ear design and bone conduction technology allows you to hear your environment while listening to music on the go.

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The ability to hear your environment is key in the busy world we live in. Drivers, cyclists, runners and even random pedestrians are already at risk due to the dangers of traffic and congestion. Now add the average headphone to this equation, it prevents you from hearing the dangers of the world. AfterShokz has a solution for that. With our unique open ear design, we provide listeners with the ability to hear their environment while still using the headphones. Rather than resting in or over your ears, AfterShokz headphones reside comfortably on the top of your cheekbone right in front of your ear. Finally, the world and your music can live together.



The AfterShokz Sportz 2 is unmatchable in its ability to go the distance with a gracious 12 hours of playback time. Whether you’re hovering over your desk from 9 to 5 or going on a lengthy excursion through the wilderness with nothing more than a backpack, AfterShokz will stay with you from sunrise to sunset. Even more, if you go a few weeks without using your headset and decide it’s time to start it back up, 30 days of standby time will allow you to do just that.



It’s never been this easy to power your headset with AfterShokz. Don’t worry about sloppy 3rd party wall chargers or replaceable batteries. With an AfterShokz headset all you need is a USB connection. Our 50 inch USB cable easily plugs into your headset and into any USB 2.0 port over four feet away. Once you’re charging, you can pick your headset back up in a short 3 hours.


Works with:

Compatibility is everything in today’s world of diversity. It’s often difficult to find one technology that is synergetic with other technologies. We know that this is important to you and have ensured that AfterShokz Sportz 2 works perfectly with your device. Be it an iPod, iPad, Smartphone or MP3 player, our headset universally works to make life easier for you.