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The Cycler’s Commute, Pedal Safely

Traveling, in any form, has become increasingly expensive. Traveling to work has even become an expensive daily trip. With the cost of owning a car and the toll it can take on the environment, many have switched over to a greener way to commute: biking to work. Although some may argue it’s not as fast, (depending on your area), it’s direct, and the cost is free! Who doesn’t love free? Though in general there may be little monetary cost to this means of travel, you could pay a heftier price if you are not prepared. Those who decide to commute to work on their bicycle are faced with a troubling question: what if I am injured by a driver in an area with heavy traffic? They begin to ask themselves what steps can they take to avoid this frightening possibility. Safety for the cyclist should be a top priority. In larger Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC’s), the percentage of bicycle commuting has increased by 80% from 2000 to 2011. In some cities, authorities are trying to be proactive for those who are taking alternative means to traditional modes of transportation. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Boston Transportation Department are working... Read More »


AfterShokz Headphones Partner with Greater Manchester Marathon

Sunday, April 6th marked the 106th annual marathon in the Manchester region, but it was the first race that promoted the use of headphones thanks to a partnership with AfterShokz! Because our open ear sports headphones for running permit listeners to hear the outside world as well as the music, AfterShokz bone conduction headphones were deemed safe and approved for use on the course of the Greater Manchester Marathon. In the words of Race Director Simon Hill: “I am pleased to confirm that AfterShokz is the Official Sport Headphone Partner for the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon. With AfterShokz delivering a safe, open ear listening experience, I am happy to say that AfterShokz sport headphones have got our stamp of approval for runners to wear during the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon in Trafford next April.” Marathon Recap Andi Jones and Emily Wicks won the male and female races, respectively. His time was 2:16:59 and hers was 2:38:26. Both times broke records. Also, the first four men to finish the race all broke the 2:20:00 mark! Here’s a recap video. Here’s what one of the Greater Manchester Marathon runners had to say about AfterShokz: “I have already tested them in the gym... Read More »


Meet Bluez 2: The Transcending Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction technology dates back about 70 years, where it was first used in military applications for one of its most critical values: situational awareness. Our efforts to bring all the benefits of the technology to the public resulted in the first open ear wireless bone conduction headphones: our first generation Bluez, which hit the market in January 2013. While Bluez was an incredible innovation, and we were proud and humbled by the awards and accolades that rolled in to support our work, we weren’t satisfied. Our mission is to enhance lives, and we strive to do so at a standard of which other solutions are no longer ideal. When Bluez launched, we felt the product was the beginning of a new category of headphones—open ear headphones; that our design and open ear listening experience served a great purpose where there was a need. But delivering safety and comfort were just the start, and all this time we’ve been working on ways to take the user experience up a notch. Bluez 2 takes the remarkable to the extraordinary, in the only headphones that allow users to #beopen to their surroundings completely, while remaining connected to a mobile device for music... Read More »


AfterShokz Headphones Picked for Entrepreneur Magazine’s List of 100 Brilliant Companies

If you picked up the June 2014 “100 Brilliant Companies” issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, you’ll be able to see AfterShokz featured in the Music section of its prestigious list! This is the 4th edition of this annual list, which showcases ideas, companies, applications and inventions in Music, as well as in nine other categories. The other categories include Modern Food and Drink, Fashion, Social Media, Marketing, Health and Fitness, Data and Analytics, Travel and Transportation, Hiring and Marijuana. Those featured have amazed Entrepreneur in having “unique solutions to common problems or marketplace voids, executed in forms both ultra-high-tech and strikingly simple.” You can find AfterShokz bone conduction headphones in the “More Jamz Brilliance” area alongside music apps, a motion controller and sound systems. We’re truly honored to be the only headphones on Entrepreneur’s list of solutions that help enhance quality sound in a more convenient way and allow “users to listen to tunes without tuning out the rest of the world.” Check out the feature below! We want to give Entrepreneur Magazine a big thank you for the recognition! We’re honored to be on the list of 100 Brilliant Companies that inspired you. We hope to continue inspiring others through... Read More »


#BeOpen to Unconventional Orchestra Music

We imagine that most of you picture flutes, clarinets and other instruments of the like when thinking of an orchestra. But, what if we told you that there are some orchestras out there that use zucchini and other vegetables as instruments? Believe it! At AfterShokz, we have a great appreciation for all types of music and we’re always open (pun intended) to new sounds and ideas. So when we came across this collection of unconventional orchestras, we knew we had to share them with all of you. Unconventional Orchestra Music around the World 1) The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra In Vienna, Austria, a most curious orchestra has grown in popularity over the past couple years. The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra plays instruments composed entirely of produce. Yes, you read that correctly. In their cast array of “vegetruments” you’ll find gourd-based woodwinds, percussive onionskins, and bell pepper “brass” instruments. The idea was born of a musical challenge. The musicians sought to make music from the most difficult media possible; they arrived at vegetables. The Viennese musicians play a collective 70 pounds of vegetables each night, all of which find themselves in a giant soup at the show’s conclusion. Check it out below. 2)... Read More »

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Philadelphia Magazine Features Bluez 2 Headphones as an Accessory for the Modern Cyclist

If you’ve been following AfterShokz on social media for any length of time, you’ve heard the hype over our brand new Bluez 2 Bluetooth bone conduction headphones. We’re happy to say that they’re finally on the loose, and the reviews trickling in are more than we could have expected! But don’t take our word for it—leave it to the experts. The fine folks at Philadelphia Magazine introduced AfterShokz latest wireless stereo headphones in the cycling section of their annually popular May ‘Top Doctors’ issue. We’re always excited to be featured next to the hottest new sports gear, and that’s where we stand in this issue. Alongside a handful of other super cool biking gear, Bluez 2 are the headphone of choice in ‘Buy This Now’, a brief buyer’s guide to the ultimate in cycling gear. Our Bluez 2 wireless stereo headphones were highlighted for their open ear design and use of bone conduction technology, which makes them the safest solution for cyclists that may tune in to music or a call as they’re cruisin’ or switching gears. We think it’s great that people are taking notice of the importance of situational awareness, and we hope our innovation gets a chance... Read More »

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AfterShokz Takes Gold at the Edison Awards!

You may remember that AfterShokz earned finalist status in the Edison Awards recently, in the Electronics & Computers category. These prestigious awards are designed to reward key innovators and innovations in their respective fields. The official ceremony took place April 29-30 of this year in San Francisco, CA. We’re proud to announce that AfterShokz took top honors—Gold!  Winning an Edison Award will surely bring our young brand increased consumer visibility—for that we’re all thrilled! But what’s been most validating about this process is being selected by fellow innovators: getting to this point means that the panel of more than 3,000 judges, comprised of senior business executives and academics across many industries, cast ballots that led us to Gold. We humbly thank the judges and Edison Awards team for their consideration and creativity, allowing us entry into this elite group. We’re so pleased that our hard working team has earned this distinction for our open ear bone conduction headphones; and in return for the honor, we vow to continue our work of enhancing lives through technology! Read More »


Bluez 2 Bluetooth Headphones in Mashable

In case you missed it, our Bluez 2 Bluetooth headphones were recently featured in Mashable! The popular tech news platform tends to focus on innovative technologies that are changing the way we live our lives, so it’s an honor and a privilege for AfterShokz to come up in their conversation. Let’s look at the highlights from the Mashable review. The Look “The wraparound device is easily the most attractive of its type that I’ve seen to date.” Awww, shucks. You’re not so bad, yourself, Mashable! The review goes on to praise the Bluez 2 as subtle enough in appearance to use in any setting. The Feel “The design fits… seamlessly onto the human head.” “Runners and gym rats will also enjoy how the device stays in place, even during vigorous workouts.” The Bluez 2s are slight and snug. They don’t weigh heavily on you, but they don’t tend to shift out of place during intense workouts either. Win, win. The Interface “By far my favorite aspect of the Bluez 2 is how AfterShokz handled its interface… accessing the controls while wearing the device feels amazingly natural.” Such an interface is ideal for the active person. You don’t want to have... Read More »


Men’s Health Reviews Our Bluez 2 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

The world’s largest men’s magazine, Men’s Health, recently reviewed our latest and greatest: the Bluez 2 Bluetooth stereo headphones, featuring them on TechLust. The article highlighted the ways the only open ear headphones on the market to date optimize cycling and running. We’re proud and grateful in equal measure to see something we love as much as our Bluez 2 highlighted in such an admired outlet like Men’s Health! “Crank Up Your Ride—With Music” and Bluez 2 “AfterShokz has been a leader in this arena for several years now, and their latest device, the Bluez 2, makes a solid jump in performance and functionality.” We’re tiptoeing around the “arena,” here: bone conduction technology. AfterShokz allows you to hear your surroundings and your music (or even voice communication, like phone calls or GPS). When you consider an activity like cycling or running, this feature is the crux of everything we do. “Most critically: You can still hear ambient noise, such as approaching cars, horns, and sirens. That’s clutch.” BUT, as we realized when we got started, it takes more than just finding a way to make the most of bone conduction to build excellent headphones—they’ve got to deliver quality sound too,... Read More »


#BeforeShokz to AfterShokz: Reasons Behind the Switch

The results are in! In case you’re late to the party, last month we hosted a social media contest that investigated the reasons customers switched from their old headphones to AfterShokz bone conduction headphones. Over the course of the contest, we received many interesting and personal entries that opened our eyes to the ways other headphones led people to seek new solutions. And, some of the testimonials paint a vivid portrait in regards to how AfterShokz headphones were just the solution that they were looking for. Let’s take a look back! Case Studies from Real Users It was a joy getting to know our customers a bit better. Below, we’ll look at a few noteworthy and heartwarming stories from the contest, which illustrate the power of AfterShokz headphones working in real life. 1) Luke Ray: “It’s obviously much safer being able to hear your surroundings.” Luke began with a Samsung over-ear Bluetooth headset, but he found himself too detached from reality. His coworkers took advantage of that detachment. Then he decided to try AfterShokz Bluez wireless Bluetooth headphones. Luke has since enjoyed total awareness of his surroundings. He carries on conversations, and the music plays on. Luke even bought an... Read More »