#BeforeShokz to AfterShokz: Reasons Behind the Switch

The results are in! In case you’re late to the party, last month we hosted a social media contest that investigated the reasons customers switched from their old headphones to AfterShokz bone conduction headphones. Over the course of the contest, we received many interesting and personal entries that opened our eyes to the ways other headphones led people to seek new solutions. And, some of the testimonials paint a vivid portrait in regards to how AfterShokz headphones were just the solution that they were looking for. Let’s take a look back! Case Studies from Real Users It was a joy getting to know our customers a bit better. Below, we’ll look at a few noteworthy and heartwarming stories from the contest, which illustrate the power of AfterShokz headphones working in real life. 1) Luke Ray: “It’s obviously much safer being able to hear your surroundings.” Luke began with a Samsung over-ear Bluetooth headset, but he found himself too detached from reality. His coworkers took advantage of that detachment. Then he decided to try AfterShokz Bluez wireless Bluetooth headphones. Luke has since enjoyed total awareness of his surroundings. He carries on conversations, and the music plays on. Luke even bought an... Read More »


It’s Not a Sprint | Spring Marathon Tips from AfterShokz

With the return of spring, marathon season is again upon us. If running a marathon isn’t on your bucket list yet, it should be. Few things are as liberating, as life affirming and as involved as training for and running a marathon. You’ll find yourself eating healthier, sleeping better and feeling better as matters of necessity. Chances are you’ll be benefitting a good cause, too. Take your marathon training to the next level with AfterShokz open ear headphones! Though most races don’t allow you to use earphones for the actual race, AfterShokz and its exciting open ear, bone conduction technology are beginning to change the way some marathon organizers feel about that. This year, AfterShokz open ear headphones are approved for use at the Greater Manchester Marathon. Whether the marathon you have on your radar allows for earphone usage or not, you’ll need some good tunes to train. Using AfterShokz headphones is the best way to hear the music and be aware of your surroundings while you’re out there running. Below you’ll find some insider tips for running a marathon to help you prepare for the biggest race you’ve ever run. Marathon Tips Tip #1: Enroll The first, most important... Read More »

aftershokz customer spotlight

AfterShokz Customer Spotlight | Rob Rowald

If you’re a member of the AfterShokz community, then there’s no reason to make you a believer. It’s easy to start a conversation together because we all have at least one thing in common—our love for durable, sweat resistant, bone conduction headphones. In our customer spotlights (of which this is the maiden voyage), we’ll talk to AfterShokz users about their unique and personal AfterShokz experience. Today, we sat down with Rob Rowald to talk about his active lifestyle, his transition to AfterShokz, and his life since. Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Rowald, THE ONE TRUE Rob! [Cheers and applause]   AfterShokz: Rob, could you tell us about your headphone experience before AfterShokz? My headphone/earphone experience is vast and varied. I have tried many brands and types of headphones including some of the early bone conduction headsets, which were awful. I gravitate towards wireless because I’ve never been a fan of having to have my music device tethered physically and being limited by length of the cord. AfterShokz: What attracted you to AfterShokz in the first place? I run outdoors—a lot. By that I mean 30-60 miles a week. I love the immersion and isolation that in-ear headsets provide, but they can... Read More »


Play the Best Scientific Workout Playlist in Your Sports Headphones

Music is good for you, as myriad scientific studies would attest. Bob Marley put it best: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Yes, music can lift your spirits, improve your memory, and even alleviate back pain, oddly enough. We use music to relax and to get pumped. Can you think of anything else that can do both? In the case of the latter, solid evidence suggests that listening to music while you work out enhances your stamina, elevates your mood, and distracts you from the discomfort of fatigue. Today, science is going one step further, claiming that certain songs perform these functions better than others. Without further ado, we present the workout playlist that science made. Groove on these saccharine Top 40 tidbits in your bone conduction sport headphones. For better or worse, you can’t argue with this playlist; it’s science. Voilà. Science-Tested, AfterShokz-Approved Workout Playlist All right, all right. We know you’ve heard them already. If you do things like: turn on the radio ever, go to the grocery store, watch TV, work with people who hum, etc., you’re familiar with “Roar” by Katy Perry, for one. Science would say, “Of course... Read More »


Tell Us Why You Switched to AfterShokz for the Chance to Win a Super Prize Package

This Monday, let’s take a look back. Over time, we’ve seen headphones come and we’ve seen headphones go. As with the turning seasons, new climates in technology require new equipment to meet their needs. We saw needs: a need to remain aware of surroundings when connected to a mobile device, a need for extreme durability and comfort during long term wear and a need to preserve hearing. Creating headphones that would solve those needs is where our safe, comfortable, responsible brand of open ear headphones came from. If you like AfterShokz as much as we do, now’s the time to talk about it! You can win FABULOUS PRIZES! What’s YOUR #BeforeShokz Story? It’s simple! If you have a pair of AfterShokz headphones, tell us why you made the switch (between March 10 – March 21). Which headphones did you use #BeforeShokz? Why’d you decide to #beopen to a new way to tune in to your music and calls? Write a few sentences about your headphone transition and share it on our #BeforeShokz contest page on Facebook for your chance to be featured on the new AfterShokz website and win our grand prize: a 16GB iPod Touch and a pair of... Read More »


AfterShokz Open Ear Headphones on “The View”

For those of you that didn’t catch the morning talk show circuit, we’re excited to tell you that our open ear headphones were featured on today’s episode of The View! In the inaugural segment of “The Latest Stuff with Whoopi” about interesting tech gadgets and other cool must-haves, the Sportz M2s have made it into the exclusive category of the star’s favorite things. And we were fortunate enough to tag along and snap some pics from behind-the-scenes too! The View takes a look at AfterShokz Open Ear Headphones When we got the call that there was interest in featuring our sport headphones on the show, we were pretty psyched. But watching Whoopi and guest co-host Ross Williams give them props on national television was almost too good to be true! We’re so passionate about bone conduction technology and our unique tweaks that make these headphones the safest solution for those wanting to remain connected to their surroundings just as much as their jams, that it’s hard for us to be unbiased. But that doesn’t mean we’re not humbled when the audience lets out a rousing cheer upon learning they’re taking home a pair of our open ear headphones (and other... Read More »

bluetooth headphones at the edison awards

Bluez 2 Bluetooth Headphones in the running for an Edison Award™!

We’re proud to share the word that our Bluez 2 open ear Bluetooth stereo headphones are considered a contender in the 2014 Edison Awards™! Originally established in 1987 by the American Marketing Association, the Edison Awards™ celebrate innovators that create a positive impact on the world. Since 2008, the awards proceedings have operated independently, encouraging global recognition for important technologies. At AfterShokz, we consider it an honor just to be among the ranks of such worthy fellow nominees! We’ll keep you updated as the situation surrounding our nomination develops! If you’re interested in learning more about the Edison Awards™ nominees, the selection process, and the special qualities of award recipients, you can join the weekly #InnovationChat that takes place on Twitter every Thursday at 3pm CST. Just follow the hashtag to be a part of the conversation, and be sure to follow @EdisonAwards! In the meantime, wish us luck while the judges sift through and select finalists, and keep picking up the good vibrations with your bone conduction headphones. Read More »

Sport Headphones

Tandem Training | Sport Headphones for a Workout Buddy

There are two kinds of people, introverts and extroverts. Likewise, there are two ways to work out, solo and socially. Do you find yourself pulling the conversational heavy weight during a long jog? Do people tell you, “I usually listen to music when I run.”? If you’re like us, you like discourse with your deadlifts, chalk talk with your chest press, prelection with your pull-ups, etc. Talking while you work out can distract you from your fatigue, so if you get onto a hot topic, like Mob Wives or the national debt, say, your 10-miler will be in your rearview mirror before you know it! And now your tune-training chum has no excuse not to talk back because our open ear sport headphones don’t block your ears at all. That means you can effectively get in shape with your workout buddy AND listen to the EDM, death metal, or smooth jazz you need to push those crucial last reps! Sport Headphones for a Workout Buddy Here are a couple of things you can do now that you’re able to communicate and groove simultaneously. 1)      Take turns counting reps. The beat and your rep can co-exist. You don’t have... Read More »


AfterShokz Congratulates #ShokzUs Social Media Contest Winners!

In case you missed it, we ran a social media contest during CES 2014 called Shokz Us, and we’d like to take a moment to highlight all of our winners! We received selfies from home, Tweets from the showroom floor, and badges to scan at the booth. At AfterShokz, we love any excuse to get fired up about something, and Shokz Us was a lovely opportunity to get everyone excited about our bone conduction headphones! We’re so glad that so many of our fans got involved to share in the excitement. Give us any excuse to talk about bone conduction technology and we’ll talk your ear off, so thanks big-time to everyone who participated. If you didn’t win big, we hope you enjoyed your 20% discount for the Sportz M2! If you participated, check your email inbox for the discount code to use it. Shokz Us Social Media Contest Runners-Up: Our runners up will be receiving a free pair of our sport headphones, the M2s. All in all, we had 16 winners in this category, 4 for each day of CES. The following Twitter accounts will be walking away with a pair of our patented bone conduction headphones, on the... Read More »

Bone Conduction Headphones

Happy New Ears! | New Year’s Resolutions and Bone Conduction Headphones

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ok, we know it’s almost February. One of our New Year’s resolutions was to stop procrastinating, and, well… New Year’s resolutions are all about perspective, you see? There’s no sense in making unattainable goals and beating yourself up when you don’t get there. That’s the recipe for an unhappy new year. This year, set some realistic expectations. Last year, we resolved to run every day of 2013 with our bone conduction headphones. This year, we’ll run… uh… we’ll play it by ear. Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions 1) Change one thing about your diet. Our tendency is to go for the extremes, but that’s a recipe for disaster! You don’t need to transition from McDonald’s lover to raw vegan over night. Just change one thing, i.e. remove carbs, cut out dairy, stop eating after 8 pm, etc. 2) Drink more water. Not the most glamorous, but water fuels your body’s processes. Drinking 32 oz. in the morning will have you feeling like a champ. It makes the rest of your resolutions easier! 3) Exercise three times a week. It could be just 30 minutes! You don’t need to kill yourself for an hour and a half at the... Read More »