Our Sportz M2s are the perfect jogging headphones because they allow you the freedom to hear the road without fragmenting your beat. Our bone conduction technology bypasses the ear canal, so atmospheric sounds can get in there when they need to, like car horns, barking dogs and other such alerts. More »


Get Fit

Running is a cornerstone of life. We run away from, we run towards, we run in place, and we run the race of life on whichever path we choose. We run like the wind, in shifting directions. Remember that, as they say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and the minor changes and major evolutions we experience as we grow don’t stop until we reach the finish line.

Our love for running inspires us each day. The result? AfterShokz wireless sport headphones for running have arrived. How have these headphones revolutionized running? Let’s talk about it in this installment of Safer Sportz. More »


The WOW List

AfterShokz has harnessed something truly special, and it has redesigned music listening with its open ear bone conduction headphones.

When an idea is truly ahead of its time, sometimes it takes the public a little time to adjust enough to understand it. Fortunately, in this day and age, innovative thinkers are celebrated and elevated. Oprah is one such personality, a woman who has done things her way all along, who thinks outside the box, and who admires when a new idea follows the same principles. More »


11 Summer’s End Running Essentials

Rock out during your run with the eardrum-saving AfterShokz Sportz M2 with Mic. Unlike traditional headphones that completely cover or plug the ear, this smart sweatproof style sits just in front of the ear to transmit sound waves through vibrations on the cheekbones. Not only will this new technology with a wraparound headband safeguard your hearing, but also allows you to remain more alert to your surroundings, like oncoming traffic from cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. More »


Bobbie’s Buzz: Scoop up clever gifts for friends and family

For friends who jog and kids who tend to tune out, AfterShokz headphones can be a smart and savvy gift idea. The small earphones sit on the temple, rather than in the ear, and utilize vibrations to play music, allowing the wearer to hear conversations and stay alert to car horns and traffic noise. More »