To all those who care about the truth.

February 04, 2016

You’ve all heard of the popular conspiracies of UFO’s, aliens, area 51, etc. Well I’ve got another conspiracy to add to your books. The other day, I was just strolling along the internet, hoping to find the latest cat gif, until I stumbled upon a company named AfterShokz. I thought, ok weird name, let’s see what they’re all about. Well lo and behold, they’re a headphone company. BUT not just any headphones, “bone conduction” headphones. So immediately, I’m thinking to myself, “uh, what is this make believe thing you are talking about”.

Making running history

February 03, 2016

Q+A with AfterShokz President and CEO, Bruce Borenstein

As the world’s first nonstop running relay, The United Relay of America aims to inspire, empower and connect people across the nation—to not only be a part of running history, but also be united for a better world. Those who want to make a difference for communities across the globe will set off from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and meet in New York City, carrying three batons over 10,000 miles in three unbroken chains of runners. AfterShokz is proud to be the title sponsor and will spend the first half of 2016 raising awareness and funds for the causes.

Mission Accomplished

December 07, 2015

If you really want to challenge yourself, make a wine-induced pact with a couple of strangers. And then, before you chicken out, post said pact on your Instagram so you can’t back out without looking like a slouch. Thanks for that, Cale! ;) Actually, really, I am thankful Cale publicly committed us to this past weekend’s feat. For so many reasons: 1- Challenge invigorates me, and I thrive when faced with one. In this case, it was a challenge to find the time to train, a challenge to physically get my ass in gear the handful (literally -- like less than five) of times I did, and a challenge to get through 7.2 miles yesterday (which is the longest distance...

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